185 | Traditional Ghee for Modern Life with Selina Van Orden

185 | Traditional Ghee for Modern Life with Selina Van Orden

Join Angela and guest Selina Van Orden in this episode: Traditional Ghee for Modern Life.
In this conversation, Angela and Selina discuss the magic of ghruta (aka ghee) in Ayurvedic medicine. Selina shares the differences between traditional ghee and simple ghee made in the kitchen. She also discusses her presentations to the House of Parliament on how to bring Ayurveda and modern science together for the betterment of all involved.

Selina qualified at the College of Ayurveda in the UK, after over five years of study. She did clinical training in Karnataka, India, working in a hospital and panca karma clinic; and at a clinic in Maharastra, under the tutelage of a renowned Ayurvedic Master. She is also apprentice to a Doctor of Ayurvedic and Western biomedicine in California.
As a member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA), and passionate about making Ayurveda accessible to the mainstream, Selina has talked in in the British Houses of Parliament and European Parliament in Brussels, on how we might integrate Ayurveda into the modern Western medical system.
?>Selina is the advisor and in-house Ayurvedic doctor for Pior Living, where she has a column called Ask Selina, where people write in with their wellness questions.

In this episode, learn more about:
o How Selina first came to Ayurveda
o What ghruta is and the traditional process for how it's made
o The powerful simplicity of traditional and simple ghee
o Selina's presentations to the British and European Houses of Parliament
o Setting intention when taking traditional and simple ghee

Connect with Selina:
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/piorliving and https://www.instagram.com/_atyourbest
Website - https://piorliving.com
Ask Selina - https://piorliving.com/ask-selina

Learn more about Angela and her work:
Website: https://simpleayurveda.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simple_ayurveda and https://www.instagram.com/simpleayurvedapodcast

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