4 Ways To Style Pastel-Coloured Jeans

4 Ways To Style Pastel-Coloured Jeans
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Mar 2023

The trend of wearing pastel-coloured jeans is on the rise, as it's a great way to add some brightness and colour to your wardrobe. There are many different shades and styles that you can try out, whether you want an acid-wash look or a more retro style with high waists - there's something for everyone! Read on to learn about four ways to style pastel-coloured jeans.[photo1]

Black & White

Pastel-coloured jeans that are either lavender, mint green, baby pink or baby blue looks great with a plain black or white top. This keeps the brightness of the jeans intact and lets them be the centre of attention. If you find a plain black or white top boring, you can always pair your jeans with pretty black and white lace or crochet tops. A cute white floral sleeveless top with lace detailing on the neckline would pair perfectly with baby pink or lavender wide-leg jeans.

All The Same

Another classic way to style pastel-coloured jeans is by pairing them with a top that is of the same colour. This look has been trending ever since the Y2K era fashion came back in style. TikTok stars and influencers are often seen wearing an all-lavender or baby blue outfit. A lavender crop top with a coloured neck would look great with high-waisted lavender jeans or a denim skirt. You can accessorise the look with cool and colourful beaded jewellery and a plain white tote bag.Don't Miss: Drape Dead Gorgeous Ft. The Iconic Manish Malhotra Sequin Saree

Multi-Coloured Bandeau Top

A multi-coloured bandeau top would be a great look with mint green coloured jeans. A low-rise mint green jeans paired with a multi-coloured bandeau top would be a perfect match, as the colour scheme of the entire outfit matches really well. The bandeau top is a bold statement and leaves an impact in itself. Pairing that with mint green coloured jeans, another out-of-the-box choice, would complete this quirky but cute outfit. Tie your hair up in a low bun and carry a black shoulder bag along with a pair of black high heels with this outfit to accessorise your look. Don't Miss: The Evolution Of Karisma Kapoor's Style Statement From The Early 90s to Now

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Jeans On Jeans

Last on the list is a classic retro trend that can be repurposed with the help of your favourite pastel-coloured jeans. A plain denim jacket or a pastel-coloured denim jacket paired with your favourite pair of pastel jeans, along with a plain black or white tee is a great outfit choice.