Dulce Dagda Nutrition Coach


Specialties: Certified Nutrition Coach NAFC student of Master in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food safety. Living in Los Angeles California, I believe in a balanced diet and healthier approach life. I disagree with extreme diets or yo-yo type plans that can't succeed in the long term. I work based on your own objectives, needs, and preferences. I'm not restrictive at all. We can make a face to face appointment or I also give online consultations if you're not in the Los Angeles area. Established in 2016. I started with my own bad relationship with food. I used to eat terribly and after a while, I tried extreme diets and never worked and on the contrary, they affected me. Then I decided to learn professionally and started helping people to reach their fitness and health goals. Nowadays I work with clients 101, and also I work with a company where I help thousands of elderly people to improve their lifestyle. I speak English and Spanish which is an advantage in this country where millions of Latino population.


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