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Specialties: Good nutrition and productive physical activity are fundamental to healthy living. House of Fundamentals puts you on the path to a trimmer, healthier you . . . and we help keep you there. We take our motto, Train Hard, Eat Healthy, seriously. House of Fundamentals specializes in physical training and sound nutrition because healthy bodies, minds, and spirits need both. Call to Schedule a Session Today. Areas Served Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angles. Born and raised in Southern California, Dino is the youngest of ten children. Nicknamed Meat House as a youngster, an unhealthy diet and bad eating habits found him tipping the scales at 225 pounds by the sixth grade. Informed by a doctor that he would likely be at risk for coronary artery disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure later in life if he did not change his ways, Dino decided to do something about it by exercising and eating right. Positive and lasting results were almost immediate.


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