Madhava Nidana Chapter 47 Upadamsha Nidanam

Madhava Nidana Chapter 47 Upadamsha Nidanam
Apr 2023

Upadamsa Nidana

Etiological Factors of Upadamsa
Below mentioned are the etiological factors of upadamsa -

injury to the penis by the hand (masturbation), nails and teeth;keeping it dirty without washing,indulging in excessive sexual intercourse,contact (sexual intercourse) with contaminated or diseased vagina andindulgence in such other bad habits

The above-mentioned etiological factors lead to the causation of the disease upadamsa (venereal disease). Upadamsa is of five types. (1)
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Upadamsa Lakshanas

Symptoms of upadamsa and its types
Vataja Upadamsa - In this type of upadamsa, there will be pricking, cutting and pulsating type of pain. Small papules (eruptions) which are black in colour appear on the penis.
Pittaja Upadamsa - In this type, the papules discharge yellowish fluid, the fluid is large in quantity and the person will also experience a burning sensation.
Raktaja Upadamsa - In this type, the papules resemble muscle, black in colour, bleeds and will have all other symptoms of pittaja upadamsa.
Kaphaja Upadamsa - In this type, the papules are big in size, swollen, have itching and discharges thick white fluid.
Tridoshaja Upadamsa - The upadamsa caused by all the three doshas together will present with different kinds of discharges (exudates) and pains. This condition is incurable.
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Symptoms of incurability of Upadamsa

A condition of upadamsa in which the entire fleshy part of the penis has been eroded or eaten away by germs leaving only the scrotum is to be refused treatment (this condition is incurable). (2-4)

Consequence of not treating Upadamsa at right time
Foolish people who are engrossed in excessive sex and do not seek treatment soon after the onset of upadamsa and neglect it, the penis of such a person becomes swollen and gets infected by bacteria. There is also burning sensation, pus formation and destruction (falling off) of penis which eventually leads to the death of the person. (5)
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Lingarsa, Lingavarti

Sprouts of muscular tissue lying one over the other (superimposed), resembling the crown of a cock, developing inside the prepuce of the penis or at its junction with the penis or nearby, accompanied by pain, discharges which are sticky (sticky exudates) and caused by the combined vitiation of all the tridoshas is called as lingavarti or lingarsa. This condition is difficult to treat. (6-7)
Thus ends the chapter on Upadamsa.

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