Michelle Pfeiffer Slams Report She 'Hated' Grease 2 'With a Vengeance'

Michelle Pfeiffer Slams Report She 'Hated' Grease 2 'With a Vengeance'
Apr 2023

Michelle Pfeiffer is speaking out about her movie Grease 2.

The 64-year-old Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actress starred in the 1982 sequel to the classic musical movie alongside the likes of Maxwell Caulfield. However, it didn't exactly live up to expectations and is generally only appreciated by a cult following.

A recent story by BuzzFeed attributed quotes to her saying that she "hated that film with a vengeance," prompting Michelle to respond on social media.

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Taking to her Instagram story on Monday (April 24), the star slammed the story and also pointed out that it misspelled her last name.

"This project is and has always been so special to me and my history - One should never trust a publication to get quotes right if they can't even bother to spell the person's name correctly," she wrote over a screenshot of the story.

In the screenshot her last name was spelled "Pheiffer." BuzzFeed appears to have corrected her last name since then. However, they did not adjust her quote. It appears to stem from a 2007 interview with Hollywood.com.

Back in 2019, Michelle revealed that it was a "total fluke" that she got cast in the movie.