Tino, one of Ricky Martin’s twins, celebrates a new milestone on TikTok (WATCH)

Tino, one of Ricky Martin’s twins, celebrates a new milestone on TikTok (WATCH)
Mar 2023

Valentino Martin (Tino), one of Ricky Martin's twins, is celebrating a milestone on TikTok. Tino, 14, is slowly but surely becoming an influencer.
Four years ago, he was encouraged to make his debut on the famous social media, and now he has accomplished a new milestone: 50,000 followers. To properly celebrate, Tino, who bears a great resemblance to his famous father, shared a video on his profile in which he thanked his followers for their support.
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"Ok... 50 thousand followers bro, that's crazy, bro. I started off as that liktte durk back in Puerto Rico recording from this house. I didn't expect to get this far, all the support in the last four years, dude it's like... To be honest, when I heard about TikTok I was like 'ok let's try it', and here I am now with 50k followers. You guys are amazing."
'Tino' mentioned his father in the video, hoping one day to achieve the number of followers he has. Currently, the The "Livin' la Vida Loca' artist has more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok alone. "You guys are amazing... Maybe one day I can have a million...It's impossible, well actually it's possible, my dad has like a million followers, time will tell. You are amazing, thank you for the support over the last four years."
Congratulations Tino!!!